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Super Party


FREE venue hire at either Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy (Blurton) or Ormiston Horizon Academy (Tunstall)

Invitations for up to 25 friends

60 minutes of physical fun, 30 minutes food

Bee Active birthday card

10% discount code for your next Bee Active party booking

Mega Party


Everything included in the ‘Super Party’ plus…

90 minutes of physical fun, 30 minutes food

Bee Active birthday card and present for the birthday child

Special appearance from Mr Bee!

15% discount code for your next Bee Active party booking

Presentation ceremony

Most Popular

Extra Special Party


Everything included in the ‘Mega Party’ plus….

Two Bee Active Coaches

90 minutes of physical fun, 30 minutes food

20% discount code for your next Bee Active party booking

Bee Active T-Shirt

Personalised party gift for all participants

Bee Active TV 1 Year Subscription, WORTH £40!


What’s Hot!


If you are looking to add that extra WOW factor for your child and their friends then the Glow sports party is for you. Children will have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of Glow Sports games, have access to glow in the dark equipment here are just some of the activities we can provide:

  • Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Hockey
  • Tagging games 
  • Races  


Get ready to dip, duck, dive and dodge as we improve our skills in this fast paced school favourite!

Children will play a variety of different dodgeball games such as doctor dodgeball, alleyway Dodgeball, 4 way dodgeball and also Parents V’s children dodgeball!! Game on!!


ATTENTION!!!! All parents, this party offers a wide range of fun activities, including an assault course, team building and problem solving games, code breaker orienteering and a team parade/dance and of course Tug of War *Children V’s Parents.


Argh ME HEARTIES!! Were setting sail on a jolly good journey over the seven seas! Grab your sword, your eye patch and your parrot because for this birthday party, we rrrrrrrr pirates. Digging for treasure is the least of your worries in this action packed party, be careful though, you might be made to walk the plank.


Whether we’re going under the sea with Ariel or letting it go with Elsa. This theme is sure to bring the magic to life for your little one. With tailor made games to make your child feel part of the family and a soundtrack to match. We’ll be flying around on magic carpets and trying to retrieve Cinderella’s lost slipper. This party is bound to be a ball, be our guest.


Create a buzz on the playground with your friends as we bring Bee Active to your party. This multi skills themed party will include all the classics that your son/daughter will do at school. Games that we know they love and they’re familiar with. Who knows, you might even see Mr Bee.

What we also offer

Avengers assemble, prepare to take over the party scene as you and your friends are superheroes for the day. Whether your Superman or Wonder Woman, in this party you’re sure to take over the world.

Elsa and Arna, Cinderella and Rapunzel. Grab your tiaras and your party frock because in this party were princesses for the day. Will you find your prince charming? Or will we have to kiss some frogs along the way? Either way this party is bound to be a ball!

It’s getting chilly in here because we’re on our way to Arandelle. We’ll see Elsa, Arna and the gang along our way. Bring your coat because this will be a brrrrrrrrrrilliant party.

Skrrrrrrrrr- lets hit the road full throttle, were going full speed into this 4 wheel drive party. We can be driving fast in our ferrari or flying down the track in our trains. Either way, this party will drive up an atmosphere with your friends.

With this package, we can offer you anything from football to frisbee from Tennis to Taekwondo. You name it, we’ll plan it. A sports specific party to suit your little one no matter what they are into

Get your little goalscorers kicking with this football themed party that Ronaldo and Messi would want an invite too. See you on the pitch

3,2,1, BLAST OFF. Get your space suit on, we’re going on a zero gravity adventure. Planets, stars and maybe even some aliens. This party is out of this world.

An obstacle course party but with a very bright twist. It’s bound to get messy. Conquer the assault course but be careful of the parents who are going to be showering you in colourful powders. Additional charges may apply.

Can’t decide from our fantastic variety of themes? No worries. Want to have a mix and match from all the parties? Then this package is the one for you.

Roll up, roll up. The Bee Active circus is in town. Experience the thrill of the circus at your party. We’ll be on stilts, wobble boards and just clowning around. This is a show you don’t want to miss.

All aboard, were off on an adventure deep into the jungle. Bring your camera because there’s going to be some sights to see. We’re going deep into the jungle to see the wildlife, Do not feed the animals.

Pokeballs at the ready. We’re going Pokemon hunting. We’ve gotta catch them all. This party is going to be wild.

Get the belts on and try this non contact Rugby.

Egg and spoon to tug of war. All the classics from your sports days, will you make it onto the podium.

Let’s go back in time to when the dinosaurs walked the earth. There might be a Stegosaurus and T rex hiding in the bushes, SHHHH we don’t want the to hear us!

Don’t worry, we can tailor make themes specifically for you. Give us a call on 01782 205915

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Choosing the right venue for your party.

Our team are flexible and can adapt their activities to suit most spaces. However we must always put the safety of the group first.
If the space at your chosen venue is not big enough, we may not be able to deliver all of our planned activities.

We have delivered parties all over Staffordshire and Cheshire and will be able to advise if a setting is suitable (in many cases we can also
recommend alternate venues in your locality) As a guide we suggest a minimum working space of 8 x 14 metres.

Please let us know if you would like advice on your party venue at the point of booking.

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