Risk Assessment

Date reviewed: 01/06/2020

We have created a COVID-19 specific risk assessment.

This document provides additional considerations to be taken during the outbreak of COVID19.

The aim of this risk assessment is to protect the welfare of Bee Active employees, volunteers, children and adults by reducing potential hazards during Bee Active sessions. The risk assessment process is a key element of ensuring all appropriate measures are identified to assist the achievement of this aim.
  • Hazard – something with the potential to cause harm.
  • Risk – the likelihood of the harm being realised and the severity.
All Bee Active employees will have the responsibility for ensuring that there are suitable and sufficient risk assessments for the settings that they deliver in. They may delegate the task of carrying out the assessment to “competent” staff. Competency for the purpose of carrying out a risk assessment means: – An understanding of the work activity and best practice; – An understanding of the regulations they are complying with; – The ability to be objective and remain impartial. Employees of both the settings and Bee Active will be expected to comply with preventative measures identified by risk assessments. Failure to do so may put themselves or others at risk.
Hazard DescriptionWho could be harmed?Action to be takenBy Who?When