Childcare Vouchers

All you need to know about paying for your booking with childcare vouchers or Childcare Choices (Tax Free Childcare)

Childcare vouchers accepted at all of our Ofsted registered venues.

At each of our venues that are registered with Ofsted we are eligible to accept childcare vouchers as a form of payment.

We are also registered on the government’s Tax Free Childcare Scheme “Childcare Choices” if your employer does not offer a voucher facility. The scheme is open to all working parents and the savings can be quite substantial!

Place your booking.

Book your place using the Bee Active Booking system and choose ‘pay with Childcare Vouchers’ at the checkout. This will secure your place and your child will be added to our registers.

Complete your payment.

Login into your voucher providers account and use the information below to complete your payment. If your chosen venue is not listed, you can use another Bee Active Venue. (this will not affect your booking)

ProviderVenueReference NumberPostcodeOfsted Number
Vouchers 4 kidsNewcastle-Under-Lyme CollegeBee223ST5 2GBEY539900
Eden RedNewcastle-Under-Lyme CollegeP21108647ST5 2GBEY539900
FidelitiNewcastle-Under-Lyme CollegeBEE096CST5 2GBEY539900
SodexoNewcastle-Under-Lyme College872669ST5 2GBEY539900
Kiddi VouchersNewcastle-Under-Lyme CollegeEY539900ST5 2GBEY539900
Busy Bees BenefitsNewcastle-Under-Lyme CollegeEY539900ST5 2GBEY539900
AppleNewcastle-Under-Lyme CollegeCA00009349ST5 2GBEY539900
Computer shareNewcastle-Under-Lyme College24155875ST5 2GBEY539900
Care 4Newcastle-Under-Lyme College49585053ST5 2GBEY539900
Fair CareNewcastle-Under-Lyme CollegeLEAR0718ST5 2GBEY539900
Tax Free ChildcareNewcastle-Under-Lyme College50005555140ST5 2GBEY539900
Eden RedNewcastle-Under-Lyme SchoolP21201375ST5 1LSEY560685
FidelitiNewcastle-Under-Lyme SchoolBEE100CST5 1LSEY560685
SodexoNewcastle-Under-Lyme School891555ST5 1LSEY560685
Kiddi VouchersNewcastle-Under-Lyme SchoolEY560685ST5 1LSEY560685
AppleNewcastle-Under-Lyme SchoolCA00010841ST5 1LSEY560685
Computer shareNewcastle-Under-Lyme School25923813ST5 1LSEY560685
Care 4Newcastle-Under-Lyme School21130027ST5 1LSEY560685
Fair CareNewcastle-Under-Lyme SchoolLEAR0718ST5 1LSEY560685
Eden RedOrmiston Sir Stanley Matthews AcademyP21032901ST3 3JDEY499285
FidelitiOrmiston Sir Stanley Matthews AcademyBEE087CST3 3JDEY499285
SodexoOrmiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy844785ST3 3JDEY499285
Kiddi VouchersOrmiston Sir Stanley Matthews AcademyEY499285ST3 3JDEY499285
Busy Bees BenefitsOrmiston Sir Stanley Matthews AcademyEY499285ST3 3JDEY499285
AppleOrmiston Sir Stanley Matthews AcademyCA00007988ST3 3JDEY499285
Computer shareOrmiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy23020143ST3 3JDEY499285
Care 4Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy37392587ST3 3JDEY499285
Fair CareOrmiston Sir Stanley Matthews AcademyLEAR0718ST3 3JDEY499285
Tax Free ChildcareOrmiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy50003629074ST3 3JDEY499285
Eden RedOrmiston Horizon AcademyP21286741ST6 6JZ2597069
SodexoOrmiston Horizon Academy908563ST6 6JZ2597069
Kiddi VouchersOrmiston Horizon Academy2597069ST6 6JZ2597069
Computer shareOrmiston Horizon Academy26634183ST6 6JZ2597069
Care 4Ormiston Horizon Academy62274247ST6 6JZ2597069
Fair CareOrmiston Horizon AcademyLEAR0718ST6 6JZ2597069
Eden RedForsbrook Primary SchoolP21108671St11 9PWEY539906
FidelitiForsbrook Primary SchoolBEE094CSt11 9PWEY539906
SodexoForsbrook Primary School872659St11 9PWEY539906
Kiddi VouchersForsbrook Primary SchoolEY539906St11 9PWEY539906
Busy Bees BenefitsForsbrook Primary SchoolEY539906St11 9PWEY539906
AppleForsbrook Primary SchoolCA00009351St11 9PWEY539906
Computer shareForsbrook Primary School24155947St11 9PWEY539906
Care 4Forsbrook Primary School77395626St11 9PWEY539906
Fair CareForsbrook Primary SchoolLEAR0718St11 9PWEY539906
Tax Free ChildcareForsbrook Primary School50005559774St11 9PWEY539906
Eden RedSt Dominics Priory SchoolP21300961ST15 8ER2616892
SodexoSt Dominics Priory School911175ST15 8ER2616892
Kiddi VouchersSt Dominics Priory School2618962ST15 8ER2616892
Care 4St Dominics Priory School58712471ST15 8ER2616892
Eden RedBeacon Sport & Fitness CentreP21286253ST18 0BF2579573
SodexoBeacon Sport & Fitness Centre906374ST18 0BF2579573
Kiddi VouchersBeacon Sport & Fitness Centre2579573ST18 0BF2579573
Computer shareBeacon Sport & Fitness Centre26631564ST18 0BF2579573
Care 4Beacon Sport & Fitness Centre64244355ST18 0BF2579573
Fair CareBeacon Sport & Fitness CentreBEEA0920ST18 0BF2579573
Eden RedEndon Hall Primary SchoolP21200559ST9 9HHEY562090
FidelitiEndon Hall Primary SchoolBEE103CST9 9HHEY562090
SodexoEndon Hall Primary School891383ST9 9HHEY562090
Kiddi VouchersEndon Hall Primary SchoolEY562090ST9 9HHEY562090
AppleEndon Hall Primary SchoolCA00010835ST9 9HHEY562090
Computer shareEndon Hall Primary School25923872ST9 9HHEY562090
Care 4Endon Hall Primary School21760541ST9 9HHEY562090
Fair CareEndon Hall Primary SchoolLEAR0718ST9 9HHEY562090
Tax Free ChildcareEndon Hall Primary School50030358671ST9 9HHEY562090
Eden RedBlack Firs Primary SchoolP21326115CW12 4QJ2645112
Kiddi VouchersBlack Firs Primary School2645112CW12 4QJ2645112
Computer shareBlack Firs Primary School26852519CW12 4QJ2645112
Care 4Black Firs Primary School2614065CW12 4QJ2645112
Vouchers 4 kidsSt Thomas Aquinas Primary SchoolBee632ST4 7DG2515379
Eden RedSt Thomas Aquinas Primary SchoolP21232941ST4 7DG2515379
FidelitiSt Thomas Aquinas Primary School898549ST4 7DG2515379
Kiddi VouchersSt Thomas Aquinas Primary SchoolEY2515379ST4 7DG2515379
Busy Bees BenefitsSt Thomas Aquinas Primary School2515379ST4 7DG2515379
Computer shareSt Thomas Aquinas Primary School26732154ST4 7DG2515379
Care 4St Thomas Aquinas Primary School60025436ST4 7DG2515379
Tax Free ChildcareSt Thomas Aquinas Primary School50040414744ST4 7DG2515379
Eden RedOur Lady & St Benedicts Catholic AcademyP21325762ST2 8AU2679451
Kiddi VouchersOur Lady & St Benedicts Catholic Academy2679451ST2 8AU2679451
Computer shareOur Lady & St Benedicts Catholic Academy2679451ST2 8AU2679451
Care 4Our Lady & St Benedicts Catholic Academy75856414ST2 8AU2679451
Tax Free ChildcareOur Lady & St Benedicts Catholic Academy50088731081ST2 8AU2679451
Eden RedSt Chads Primary SchoolP21325754ST5 7AB2689799
FidelitiSt Chads Primary SchoolBEE116CST5 7AB2689799
Kiddi VouchersSt Chads Primary School2689799ST5 7AB2689799
Computer shareSt Chads Primary School2689799ST5 7AB2689799
Care 4St Chads Primary School86345158ST5 7AB2689799
Tax Free ChildcareSt Chads Primary School50091691079ST5 7AB2689799