Are you creating a buzz about Extra Curricular Sports Clubs?

We have invested in equipment and resources for some of the most exciting clubs around!

Activities can be grouped together to offer participants more variety: Multi Sports, Multi Skills, Sports Explorers, Invasion Games, Net and Wall, Striking and Fielding, Team Games … and more!

Or choose a specific subject per term or half term. We can tailor clubs to complement other areas of learning for example: American sports, disability and inclusive sports or olympic sports!

All the favourite sports glowing under our state of the art UV lights and specialist glow equipment!

Improve your balance and skills on two wheels in these exciting and fast paced sessions!

Which team will come out on top in this exciting game of tactics, stealth and strategy?!

Fun with balance, manipulation and control!

Challenges for strength, endurance and resilience!

Perfect for targeted intervention!

Representative team coaching or gifted and talented!

Increased Participation

Our extra curricular clubs offer children of any ability the chance to try new sports, improve skills and have great fun with their friends. We guarantee that all participants will have a blast in every session!

Zero School Admin

Whether parent or school funded, we take care of online bookings, payments, registration and parent queries. Following introductions we will even dismiss children after their session.

We can create a programme for the whole school to get excited about.

Contact us today to see how we can increase your extra curricular participation!