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Office Address:

Bee Active,
Trent House (First Floor),
Dunning Street,

Are your children with us?

We have a direct line into each of our Ofsted registered facilities.
Please only use these numbers when your children are in our care.

Newcastle-Under-Lyme College
Gordon Banks Sports Centre, Knutton Lane, ST5 2GB

Tel: 07907 269 469

Ofsted Number: EY539900

Newcastle-Under-Lyme School
Vessey Terrace, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, ST5 1BQ

Tel: 07513 269 200

Ofsted Number: EY560685

Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy
Beaconsfield Drive, ST3 3JD

Tel: 07858 231 796

Ofsted Number: EY123456

Northwood Stadium
Keelings Road, Hanley, ST1 6PB

Tel: 07935 942 297

Ofsted Number: EY551458

St Thomas Aquinas Primary School
North Street, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 7DG

Tel: 07708 524 382

Ofsted Number: EY2515379

Endon Hall Primary School
Hillside Avenue, Endon, ST9 9HH

Tel: 07565 988 402

Ofsted Number: EY562090

Forsbrook Primary School
Cheadle Road, Blythe Bridge, ST11 9PW

Tel: 07935 942 190

Ofsted Number: EY539906

St Michaels First School
Weavers Lane, Stone, ST15 8QB

Tel: 07858 231 809

Ofsted Number: EY559751