Discovery Day Feedback

Thank you for taking the time to attend our Discovery Day with your child.

We know that providing amazing experiences and outstanding education starts by having great people on our team, which is why we are committed to recruiting only the very best. Please wait until the end of the session before submitting your feedback.

Please score the candidate on the following areas. 1 = Not got it yet! 5 = Knocked your socks off!
Building relationships means quickly establishing a bond with each and every participant in the group. Making each child feel seen, valued and important is a very big deal to us.
Positive Energy
Having a positive energy is contagious and that’s why it is also high on our shopping list. We want our clubs to be full of happy people who brighten up the atmosphere. We’ll be looking out for the smiles, praise, high fives and eccentric theatrical performance voices to bring the experience to life.
Being an effective communicator is not just about what you say, but more so about how you say it. We’re looking at body language, eye contact, tone of voice, volume and of course how clearly they can give instructions out.
Leadership & Control
Leadership is being able to take charge of situations and get things done in a safe and timely manner. We want to see that they are in control of the group and consistently manage the children’s behaviour in a positive and assertive way.
Organisation is being able to plan ahead and think things through before they become an issue. We want to see the applicants use their initiative and be thoroughly prepared for the activity.
Finally, participation. They don’t have long for each activity and we’d like to see the children active and engaged for as much of the session as possible. Clear, concise instructions is the key to get children 'in and doing' rather than 'sat and listening'.
Would you trust this applicant to care for your child at our holiday clubs?